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Celebrating the Journey of Travel Photo Contest Winners

Embark on a visual odyssey as we unveil the brilliant winners of our Travel Photo Contest. Through their lens, they've taken us on extraordinary journeys, capturing the spirit of adventure and the essence of global wanderlust. Join us in celebrating these intrepid photographers whose images have the power to transport you to far-off places, inspiring your next great adventure.



Roberto Pazzi

Roberto is an award-winning and published travel photographer who organizes and leads photographic expeditions to the remotest cultures in the world.

Pazzi's photography journey began just a decade ago during a trip to Indonesia where he captured photographs that marked the beginning of his illustrious career.

His work gained attention from renowned media outlets, igniting his desire to dive deeper into photography.

Realizing the potential of combining his love for photography and travel, Pazzi made the bold decision to leave his previous life behind. His work resonated with people on a profound level, leading him to expand his journey beyond personal exploration by leading photographic expeditions to culturally rich destinations.

In the world of travel photography, Roberto Pazzi's talent and dedication to capturing the human experience stand out and it goes beyond capturing aesthetically pleasing images.

He is a guardian of stories, a bridge between cultures, and an advocate for preserving the richness of our world's diverse heritage. Through his lens, he invites us to witness the beauty, resilience, and profound humanity that exist within the most remote corners of our planet.

To know more about Roberto check his website.



Daniel Möckel

My name is Daniel Möckel, I am a 35-year-old mechanical engineer living in Germany. I like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing & fishing. I also love travelling and usually plan my trips around the mentioned hobbies as well as wildlife and nature photography possibilities.

When I was a kid I was fascinated by wild animals and spent every day looking for them in the local woods and meadows. As a teenager I fell in love with skateboarding where filming video clips is as much a part of it as doing the tricks themselves. After destroying my dad’s VX camcorder and a few other cameras I bought an old Sony SLT when DSLRs first got video capabilities. I used it exclusively for filming however and only when I went to Sweden for a semester did that change.

I wanted to capture the amazing landscape and wildlife of Scandinavia and started to research the relation of ISO, f-stop, shutter speed and focal length to improve my photos. I read every blog post about nature photography I could find as well as a few books and watched heaps of online tutorials. Ever since I never left for a holiday without my camera and captured every sunrise and sunset I could get away with.

For me personally photography means taking a single exposure to capture a moment in time. I don’t like exposure blending and only do it for the sake of panoramic images. This is partially due to me being a bit of a purist but probably mostly because I much prefer taking photos over post processing them. Since I already spend most of my workdays on a computer, I want to get outside in my free time instead of sitting in front of a screen even more.

I use my photos mostly to create calendars for my family and close friends each year and post the odd shot on my Instagram account “mckldnl_”.

I have a bunch of photo books at home, mostly Wildlife Photographer Of The Year and Red Bull Illume year books. As a long term goal I would love to get one of my photos in either of these books, alongside the best of the best photographers of wildlife and action sports out there.

Take a look to my instagram to know more about my work.



Sanjoy Bhattacharya

Sanjoy Bhattacharya was born and brought up in the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata from the State of West Bengal, India. After completing his post-graduation in Zoology from Presidency College, Kolkata in the year 1996 he has started his photographic journey getting inspiration from his maternal-uncle who was a press photographer by his profession. Simultaneously he has started studying Art-Photography from various personalities in this field.

He worked as wedding photographer, model photographer, advertisement photographer and product photographer individually from 2001 to 2004. He has started teaching photography at various organisations from 2004 to 2010. He is conducting various seminars and workshops on photography with various organisations like Nikon India, Sony India etc. from 2006 to till the date. Mr. Bhattacharya has won more than 280 awards in photography competitions Nationally and Internationally from 2005 to till date. He is a very prominent name in the field of photography judging also since 2015. He has completed his 50 th Judging very recently. He has judged almost 30 National Salons and 20 International salons till date.

He is running his own institute named BENGAL PHOTOGRAPHY INSTITUTE in Kolkata from 2011 and teaches various specialities and aspects of photography. Presently the Institute has more than 500 students in various standards from almost every corner of the society. Mr. Bhattacharya is conducting many workshops, seminars and other educational activities to promote photography among general mass throughout the year. He is celebrating World Photography Day on 19 th August every year since 2010 by promoting photography through exhibition and seminar. He is arranging photography exhibition of works of his students under the name "LENSVISION” every year in January on foundation day of his Institute since

2012. He is very much active in his own creations till now at the age of 50 just ike an young photographer.

You can check his instagram to know more about Sanjoy.


As we conclude this inspiring journey through the lens of our talented winners, we're reminded that travel photography is more than just images; it's a passport to cultural exploration, a testament to our shared wanderlust, and a vivid reminder of the beauty that surrounds us. These photographers have offered us a glimpse of their adventures, and we hope their stories and artistry continue to ignite the flames of curiosity and exploration within us all.

Now is your time, you could be the next photographer telling your story to the world, take a look to our OPEN CONTESTS and share with the jury your best pics!!

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