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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who can participate?

 - Any amateur or professional photographer from any country. For photographers under 18 years old is recommended to have their parents permission.

2. How many photos can I submit?

- There is no limit, you can submit as many as you want.

3. What size and format is allowed?

- Photographis have to have a maximum size of 12MB and minimum 1000 pixels in the shortest side. Only JPGE (JPG) format is allowed.

4. Once I have submitted a photo, can I make any change?

- No, once you have submitted a photo there is no way to make any changed on that submission. If you wish, you can make a second one.

5. Are phone photos allowed?

- Yes, phone photos are also allowed.

6. Can I submit a photography that has won a contest previously?

- Yes but only if this previous contest was not organized by us.

7. How can I get support?

- Please contact us via

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