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Through Their Lens: Unveiling the Stories of the Street Photography Contest Winners

Updated: Apr 7

Welcome to our blog, where we have the distinct pleasure of unveiling the captivating stories behind the winners of our recent street photography contest. With each click of the shutter, these talented photographers have captured the vibrant essence of the streets, immortalizing poignant moments and revealing unique narratives that unfold amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. Join us as we delve into the

captivating images and the remarkable journeys that brought these artists to our winner's podium. Get ready to be inspired and transported into the compelling world of street photography through their lens.



Radana Kucharova portrait

I was born and live in the Czech Republic. I am a construction designer by profession.

Photography is an important medium for me, through which I document life. I enjoy capturing the unexpected moments of life. So I enjoy photographing people and events around them. In addition to people, I like to photograph interesting buildings, historical monuments and industrial buildings. I am happy when my photos are liked and interesting with their story.

For this year, I set myself the goal of capturing some of the disappearing old buildings in my region. I would like to make an exhibition out of it.

Of course, I like to go somewhere where I can capture some human stories. I am interested in photography as such. I am most interested in documentary, street, portrait photography and photographs of architecture.

To see more about my work you can check my Instagram here!



Souhayl portrait

I am an influential artist-photographer living and working the main part of the year in Paris France. My specialty is Storytelling by Art-documentary and Streetphotography.

After starting out as a street photographer capturing absurd and sensitive situations with an iPhone, I quickly pushed my street photography projects deeper often adopting a post-documentary point of view or breaking the codes of the classic reportage narration. During the past ten years I documented extensively streets of Paris, focusing especially on the working-class neighborhoods of north of the capital. Today I pursue personal projects in street photography, but I am not limited only to this discipline that I continue to use as a gateway to other types of projects that I call "photographic essays" or "docu-fictions". Often around themes that are my favorites such as the relations between different genders inside closed groups such as the phenomenon of Gangs in large metropolitan cities or the culturally alienating aspects generated by globalized liberal consumer societies : “There are many stated rules in street photography that everyone tries to follow to the letter since the beginning and until now. But the problem I have today as a photographer who has experienced almost everything in street photography is that these rules, it is not me who wrote them !..For me, apart from photojournalism which should continue to document the accuracy of reality, for other non-committed disciplines including street photography, it is necessary to stop directing and limiting photographic projects with always big text, mediation of experts and other ideological artefacts and privileged more the raw context and pictorial narrations. In an era of postmodernity, the direction of the photographic message should now belong to the viewer of the photograph and not only to the photographer. The elite of street photography should stop preaching Puritanism, only way for set free the field of possibilities, leave a large part to the fiction in new projects coming. The photographer should no longer focus all his energy only on shooting but have a much global vision of things.”

To learn more about me and my projects take a look to my webpage or Instagram!



Luis Olivan portrait

Hi! I'm Luis, and I live in Madrid (Spain) along with our three cats, Misha, Coco, and Nana.

I've always been involved in media, both in terms of training and professionally. For a long time, I worked in TV media production and also as a cameraman, video editor… I also even dabbled in street photography back then, although not very persistently.

However, ten years ago, I decided to completely change my professional career, so I lost touch with video and photography. In the middle of the COVID pandemic, though, I felt an urgent need to express myself creatively again. I bought a smaller camera and thought that the most immediate way to take pictures was to go out and capture candid street photos on a regular basis.

Actually, my favorite genre of photography is street photography, mainly because of its "purity" and alleged simplicity. It captures life out of control, running in front of the lens, while the photographer is "just" a mere observer. Of course, that's when the true work of a street photographer begins: taking that chaos and randomness and arranging it in a way that your photos convey as much about the world as they do about you and your perspective on reality. In fact, although it may sound cliché, thanks to the analysis of my pictures by some fellow photographers, I have discovered things about myself. Therefore, photography is a way for me to engage in self-discovery.

When I'm out taking pictures, I'm so focused on anticipating and capturing moments, that my photo-walks become truly intimate. It's just the world and me, and that time allows me to deeply connect with how I perceive reality. Instead of making it a purely rational process, I try to make it more of an emotional one, in which I attempt to feel the things that catch my attention, the things that move me, intrigue me, and so on. And then, of course, I try to capture those moments in a way that effectively conveys how I feel when looking at them.

Furthermore, as a learning photographer, one of my main aspirations is to capture photos that evoke emotions in others, just as I am moved by the photos taken by the photographers I admire.

You can find my work on my Instagram profile,, and also on my website,


As we come to the end of this captivating journey through the stories of our street photography contest winners, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to these talented individuals for sharing their incredible work and inspiring us all.

But the excitement doesn't end here! We invite you to continue your own photographic journey by participating in our ongoing contests. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your talent, connect with a vibrant community of fellow photographers, and potentially earn recognition for your exceptional skills. Visit our website now to explore our active contests, guidelines, and submission details.

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Pablo Alonso
Pablo Alonso
Jul 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for sharing these extraordinary stories!!


Jul 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great stories! Congratulations

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