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Photography requirements

  • Only JPG (JPEG) files are accepted.

  • The smallest side has to have at least 1000  pixels.

  • The file should be of 12MB or less.

  • The photography must be about the theme of the contest.

  • Remove any watermark from the photo, any photography with watermark will be removed from the contest.

  • Photo edition like fixing exposure, contrast, sharping, color saturation is allowed. What is not allowed is to add or remove any element from the photo.

  • If the judges consider it necessary, they can ask for the original file, it is recommended that the photo has its metadata.

  • AI images are not allowed

  • Any submission that does not have all these requirements will be disqualified.


  • Any photographer can participate, if he/she is younger than 18 years old it is recommended to have their parents approval.

  • Photographer name and location of the 25 best photos will be shared in our web page and social networks.

  • Personal information won't be shared with third parties, it will be used only for the contest, the gallery web page and social networks.

  • Photos will be accepted only before the submission deadline.

  • "The Artist Gallery" has the right to cancel the contest if is considered necessary. If this happens, all the application fees will be paid back to the participants.

Registration Fees and important dates

  • Early bird fees: 1 photo = $9USD; 3 photos = $22USD; 5 photos = $31USD; 10 photos = $49USD.

  • Regular fees: 1 photo = $11USD; 3 photos = $28USD; 5 photos = $38USD, 10 photos = $59USD.

  • You can submit as many photos as you wish.

  • To check the deadlines visit the specific contest page, click on the button below.

About the Prizes

  • 1st place gets 15% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

  • 2nd place gets 10% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

  • 3rd place gets 5% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

  • We will publish a blog about the photography career and aspirations of the best 3 photographers.

  • Up to 25 photographs will be shared in our social media channels and digital gallery.

  • Digital certificate for the best photographers.

  • The money prize will be sent to the winners via a electronic transfer. The winner is responsible to pay taxes depending on his country laws.

  • The judges decision is unnapealable.

  • Cash prizes will be transferred to the winners via a Paypal account, no others way can be considered.

  • Any fees incurred during transfers may be deducted from the prize amount.

Judges and judging process

Our judges panel is made of two professional photographers with a great background in different areas​. The judges will score every photography considering different factors like creativity, technical skills, composition, etc.

The judges do not have access to any detail about the photographers, the judging process is completely anonymus. Look for your best photograps and participate.

Click here to know more about our panel.

Copyright and Private information

  • The Artist Gallery has the right to use the photographs submitted in our contests for any purpose related with the Gallery like exhibitions, marketing, share it in our web page or our social networks.

  • The best photographs (Top 3 and honorable mentions) will be published in a special edition from Docu-Magazine and sold globally. If you do not want to include your photo or have any question about this send us an email to

  • Docu Magazine doesn't own the images, they only publish them. They won't use them anywhere else, only in the special edition print publication.

  • The photographer will retain copyright of the photo and will be credited every time the gallery use the photo.

  • Photographs that have participated before in other contests can be submitted to any The Artist Gallery contest. Only photos that have won (Top 3) before a contest organized by this organization cannot participate in future contests.

  • It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the photo does not violate any copyright or trademark.

  • If recognizable people appears in the photograph, it is recommended to have the authorization of the person portrayed to use the photo.

  • The photographer agrees to be the author of the photo.

  • The Artist Gallery is not responsible for any broken law by the photographer.

  • Personal information shared with us when you apply for a contest is not shared with any third party. You can take a look to our privacy policy here.

  • The Artist Gallery only keeps the 25 best photographs and the participant information for internal usage, the photos and photographers' name and location will be used publicly only to show it on exhibitions, our web page and social networks.

  • All the other photos that were not recognized are going to be deleted  two months after the contest has been closed.

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