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Frame by Frame: An Inside Look at Our Top Three Landscape Photographers

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a journey through the lens of creativity and vision, unveiling the triumphant talents behind the Best Three Photographers of our captivating Landscape Photo Contest.

In a world where every click of the shutter captures a story, where nature's beauty unfolds in vivid frames, we stand in awe of the photographers who have painted landscapes with their cameras. Amongst the myriad of exceptional entries, three names have emerged as beacons of artistry, skill, and storytelling.

Join us as we delve into the captivating portfolios of these extraordinary photographers, each of whom has transported us into their world of breathtaking vistas, tranquil waters, majestic mountains, and more. Their ability to encapsulate the essence of nature's grandeur is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Join us to know more about the story behind these three photographers, enjoy the reading!



My name is Thomas de Franzoni, I am an Italian fine art photographer based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

I approached photography thanks to my passion for nature and wild animals. After a period dedicated to nature photography, thanks also to my passion for travelling, I became more and more interested in landscape photography.

I am an outdoor type of person and I am spending most of my leisure activities in nature. I consider myself a landscape photographer, searching for those special moments that transmit emotions to me.

I love to compose my shots in a minimalism way. My main goal is to get simple compositions but in a very atmospheric and moody situation. When I succeed, I am very satisfied. The picture that has a particular mood and a story behind is what I love most.

You can visit this link or instagram to see more about my work!

beautiful waterfall, best photo of the Artist Gallery landscape contest



Best photographer of the Artist Gallery landscape contest

My name is Marc Marco Ripoll and I was previously a professional tennis player.

Now I work as a tennis coach and night photography teacher. I try to combine tennis, family and photography.

The trips I made for tennis competitions began to arouse my curiosity for photography.

I visited beautiful places and I wanted to capture those places to have the memory in an image. Once a neighbor of my town told me that if I liked photography, he could teach me how to do night photography. From that day I was totally addicted to this world of photography. Night photography is my favorite specialty and it also fits my lifestyle perfectly, since I can work as a tennis teacher and be with the family during the day and take photos at night.

I have been competing as a tennis player all my life and now I try to do it in photographic contests. I have always liked competing, since I think that this always helps you to improve.

For me photography is my moment of relaxation and disconnection from the daily routine. Being passionate about nature, for me it is a magical moment to be in a spectacular landscape and to be able to capture it with my camera.

You can visit my website or instagram page and know more about me!

second best photo of the Artist Gallery landscape contest



Kim Shapley

About Me:

Family is a big part of my life along with Travel (I’m Australian), which I do as often as possible. Even if it means just a trip down the coast. Broomball (played on Ice, no skates, we use special sneakers a paddle shaped stick and ball) has been a big part of my life for over 40 years and I still love the sport. 3D Printing at which mostly print bespoke ‘things’ I have modelled myself and of course photography (and Drone Photography) are the things that interest me and keep me grounded.

I’ve always been interested in photography after getting my first camera (Kodak Instamatic 110) during a school trip in Primary School (Thanks Mr Henderson). In 2000 I bought my first digital Camera (Sony Mavic CD1000) which I loved, it took great images even if they were only 2mb pixels resolution. I currently still shoot with Sony, an A7M4 & A7R3. I love aerial photography (I fly a DJI Mavic Air 2) as it offers such a different perspective on the landscape and currently fly a Drone as often as possible, although the new locations are getting further afield now after doing that for 4 years.

I also love photographing birds more and more. They are challenging to get great images of and offer such a great personal reward when you do capture that special image. When out shooting, particularly when doing Aerial photography I’m looking for patterns and unusual formations. I’m looking for things that I may be able show with a different perspective or looking for the birds and animals either in flight or showing some personality when stationary.

I would love to capture ‘that’ image. The one everyone loves and talks about. But mostly it’s about having fun, getting out and about and enjoying and connecting with the outdoors.

I have a web and Instagram pages ( which has lots of images captured over the last few years and an Instagram page ( where I post mostly Aerial photos.

third best photo of the Artist Gallery landscape contest


We hope you have enjoyed the story of these great photographers and that you got some motivation to go out, grab your camera and take your best shots! We invite you to check our open contest and be part of them, your story could be told in our blog!

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