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If you are passionate about photography and enjoy sharing your expertise with the community you are in the right place.


  • You have to be a photographer, not a content writter.

  • The Artist Gallery has the right to use the content written also in social media.

  • The blog has to be original, it cannot be published anywhere else.

  • The blog has to have at least 1000 words and maximum 2500.

  • Excellent grammar and content structure.

  • The topic can be anything related to the photography world like a personal photography project, tips, reviews, photo-documentaries, etc.

  • At least one image for every 300 words, for example if your blog has 1200 words you will include 4 images.

  • The images used in the blog had to be taken by the writter, do not use stock images.

  • Image properties: 72ppi and maximum 2500 pixels in the largest side.

  • Blog designed thinking on SEO.

  • The writter can include a maximum of three external links to the photographer social media accounts or personal blog/webpage/portafolio.

  • If the blog has some internal links to other previous blogs or some of our contests will give additional points in the selection process.

  • The Artist Gallery can make some modifications to the text if we consider it appropriate. 

  • To apply please check the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Send the blog in a Word file.

  • Remember that every week several photographers are applying looking to be featured, hence it is recommended that you try to create your article the best you can, we may not be able to publish all the works submitted so quality will be important to take a decision.


  • Get international exposure, our webpage has traffic from all over the world.

  • Get some backlinks to your webpage, this will increase your domain authority.

  • Connect with other photographers.

  • Gain expertise as a content writter and gather feedback from the readers.

What is your experience as a photographer and writter?
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Thank You! If your blog is selected we will contact you!

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