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Capturing architectural marvels: Unveiling the story behind the best architecture photographers, 2024 edition

In the captivating world of architecture photography, there are individuals who possess the remarkable ability to capture the essence of structural marvels through their lens. Join us as we delve into the inspiring stories and breathtaking works of the top architecture photographers who emerged victorious in our prestigious photo contest.



I started photography around 20 years ago, back then with an analog camera, when I was still a teenager. During all this time I’ve never really specialized in a specific area. I like to try a lot of different aspects and experiment across genres, so my photography covers everything from cityscape to wildlife, but also astrophotography and underwater images, as well as timelapse videos. It’s the intersection of trying to combine new techniques and technology with a personal artistic preference that keeps things interesting for me. 

Whatever I try though, usually my goal is to show people perspectives or subjects and places they have not seen before, or not thought about in the way that I captured them. That also ties in nicely with my personal goal to use photography as a vehicle to explore and learn, whether it’s about animals, space, or culture. 

Over the years I’ve managed to build a relatively broad portfolio from around the world, and particularly my primary place of residence, the United Arab Emirates. That brought me to host a few exhibitions and regular workshops, and recently I published a photo book called “Wonders of the Globe” with a selection of images I took during my travels. I also turned it into a digital version and developed a small iPhone / iPad app as a companion, which is available on the App Store.   

I am very grateful for this award, and always happy to connect both with other photographers to exchange thoughts, and viewers who want to learn more about my work. 

You can see more on my Instagram (trivia: my username comes from another hobby of mine, making music and DJing!) or my website



Photography for me is my most candid storytelling. 

It’s all my visions, my emotions and my learnings through all different life stages. 

It’s connection with myself and others. 

It’s daily  knowledge of stepping out of my comfort zone and being able to understand all inner conversations with someone or something.

That inner voice Its there for a reason. Definitely, it provokes all of us, regardless If someone is fully aware or not. 

That’s why I am fastidious about listening to what our mind, heart and body is telling us. 

Photography art for me is my garden of life. Mix of colors, traditions, cultures, feelings and it’s music to my heart.  

It always starts with your heart. 

Be kind and Blessings!

You can see more of my work



Painting with light and exploring the world are two of my passions, so I love taking photographs while travelling. I am deeply grateful that I live in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and having my photographic focus here.

My self-imposed photo constraints which I follow most of the time:

   # keep it simple and smart

   # square format

   # black & white post processing

I take great pleasure in the entire photographic process, from conceiving an idea in my mind, to planning and conducting research, right through to pressing the shutter release. However, my work is far from complete at this stage, as editing and presentation are equally important aspects that I pay close attention to.

Speaking of presentation: my latest project is, an exclusive coffee table book which includes 44 specially selected black and white photos from the beautiful city of Vienna.

My motto: There is always a way, you just have to find it!

You can find more about me:


   My personal webpages:

Alain Boccard


How did you get interested in photography?

It was a passion for painting that drew me to photography. I'm not a painter, but the attraction of painting in general and geometric abstraction in particular encouraged me to look around me to find the elements of form, volume, colour and material that so attracted me.

What is your favorite type of photography?

Photography of architecture, or more often of architectural details, has naturally been my favourite. But photographs of urban landscapes, abstraction and minimalist photography also give me great pleasure.

What are your aspirations as a photographer?

I don't describe, I don't tell stories, seeing is already such a great ambition. I just want to encounter the singular beauty of everyday life.

For you what is photography? And what are you thinking when you are shooting?

Photography is an act of meditation, of surpassing oneself, an intimate discovery that is shared. Every time we take a photo, we are building a bridge to a new world.

You can take a look to my instagram or personal webpage to know more about me.


As we conclude our journey through the lens of our best architecture photographers, we are left in awe of their talent, dedication, and passion for capturing the beauty of the built environment. Their remarkable ability to transform structures into timeless works of art serves as a testament to the power of photography to inspire and evoke emotion. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these visionary artists and eagerly anticipate the continued brilliance they will bring to the world of architecture photography.

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