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The Rise of Talented Photographers: A Look into the Careers of the Winners of our B&W Photo Contest

Welcome to our blog! In this post, we will be diving into the careers of the winners of the BLACK AND WHITE 2023 photography competition. Each of these photographers has a unique story to share, from their humble beginnings to the recognition they have received through this competition and beyond. We will explore the different paths they have taken in their careers, the challenges they have faced along the way, and the lessons they have learned that have helped them become the successful photographers they are today. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these talented individuals and take inspiration from their journeys.



I am Johan Willems, born in Belgium in the town of Hasselt on 20 April 1961.

I have been interested in photography since my early youth, when I photographed celebrations and family trips, combining travel and photography became my passion. Through these travels, I discovered my specialities : portrait photography and wildlife photography.

I tried to educate myself further and got in touch with professional photographers who shared many good tips and tricks with me.

My love for Africa started in 2008 first to make portraits and later in 2014 to focus more on wildlife photography. I feel very attracted to the African continent. The warmth and the sincere friendliness of the African people, the nature, and the safari experiences. My goal is to have my own photo exhibition. To see more abour my work visit my site here.



From a young age, I've had a passion for capturing moments through photography. The art of photography has always fascinated me, and I've been drawn to the power of images. After completing college, I decided to take my photography more seriously and focus on creating artistic and imaginative portraits. My ultimate ambition is to exhibit my work in galleries and museums and to establish my own photography studio. I see myself as a perpetual student of photography, always striving to acquire new skills and knowledge in lighting and techniques to enhance my art. When I think about my photography, I view it as a means of painting with my lens, and my primary objective is to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on viewers. My instagram is bigdaddyhazel and my website is



My name is Thomas de Franzoni, I am an Italian fine art photographer based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

I approached photography thanks to my passion for nature and wild animals. After a period dedicated to nature photography, thanks also to my passion for travelling, I became more and more interested in landscape photography.

I am an outdoor type of person and I am spending most of my leisure activities in nature. I consider myself a landscape photographer, searching for those special moments that transmit emotions to me.

I love to compose my shots in a minimalism way. My main goal is to get simple compositions but in a very atmospheric and moody situation. When I succeed, I am very satisfied. The picture that has a particular mood and a story behind is what I love most.

You can find more about me and my work in my Instagram and 1X profile.


The winners of this black and white photography contest have demonstrated an exceptional talent for capturing the beauty and emotions of the world around us. As they continue to hone their craft, we can expect to see even more stunning and thought-provoking images from these talented artists. Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to seeing their future work!

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May 17, 2023
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