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Frame by Frame: Stories from the Top Places Photographers of the Year

In the world of photography, few genres capture the essence of a location as vividly as place photography. This year’s Places Photography Contest brought together some of the most talented photographers from around the globe, each with a unique perspective and a keen eye for detail. From bustling cityscapes to tranquil landscapes, the contest showcased breathtaking images that not only highlighted the beauty of various places but also told compelling stories through the lens. In this article, we delve into the journeys and creative processes of the best photographers of the contest, exploring how they captured the heart and soul of the places they photographed. Join us as we celebrate their artistry and dedication to preserving the world’s wonders through photography.

Thomas Garzaro


Hello everyone, my name is Thomas Garzaro. I was born in 1994 in Vicenza, Italy, and I have a great passion for landscape photography. 

Nature, with its colors and scenarios, is a significant source of inspiration for me. Every time I went for a walk in the mountains, the fact that I couldn't bring home what I saw saddened me. Through my shots, I try to immerse the viewer in the emotion that has pervaded me, to make him/her feel the thrill of the magic that only Mother Nature can provide. 

As an Italian, more specifically from Veneto, the Dolomites hold a special place in my heart. Wild, rugged, mysterious, but also vast, welcoming, and enchanting, the Dolomite peaks and valleys always hide a new corner of magic waiting to be discovered. I often spend the night in a tent, awaiting the first light of dawn, and each time, it's a different and unique emotion.

The sounds of animals, the clouds of condensation created by the peaks that envelop you in a surreal and moody atmosphere, just the way I like it for my shots. Sometimes the weather doesn't really help, as storms and tempests are always around the corner in the mountains, but I assure you that it is precisely in these circumstances, faced with maximum caution and attention, that Mother Nature reveals herself to us in all her splendor.

Best landscape photograph

The search for the perfect composition is fundamental to me. From the foreground to the subject's position, I leave nothing to chance. This is because I believe that, in a particularly pleasant situation, the human eye automatically seeks out the most evocative components of the image in front of us, to create the most exciting memory possible, to relive the joy of the moment over and over again, as long as our memory allows it.

The photograph lasts forever and immortalizes the moment, unlike human memory, which instead fades with the passing of time. And this is what makes me love my passion the most. I want to move and excite my viewers, involve them, and make them part of the wonder I feel. Creative post-production plays a crucial role. I love having fun like a painter, enhancing lights, shadows, and nuances, bringing the image as close to reality as possible, to what the human eye would perceive if the viewer had been beside me at the moment of the shot.

Just like any passion, I will never stop learning new and useful things about this world, which will allow me to grow more and more and make you love this wonderful planet. 

Follow me on Instagram to see my shots and adventures!

Riccardo Morresi


My name is Morresi Riccardo, born in 1984 and I live in the Marche region in a small town in central Italy, I have always been a boy driven by curiosity and the nature of trying to have new experiences and meet new people wherever I go, I like to go out when I can go walking in the mountains even without taking photographs, unfortunately or fortunately I am a person who can never sit still and I always have to find something to do and landscape photography has certainly given me a big hand in this.

How did you get interested in photography?

I can say that my passion for photography was born recently, it was born in 2020 precisely during the Covid period (the best period to start photography). I have to thank Comet Neowise which in that period (July) allowed me to become passionate first about night photography and then also about daytime landscape photography.

All this because one evening I wanted to try the experience of going to an astronomical observatory in my area and from that evening that I remember as if it were today, the passion was born that I still try to improve.

What is your favorite type of photography?

Well mainly I love night photography because my passion was born thanks to this, but it is inevitable that then we also move on to daytime landscape photography because to go and photograph the starry sky you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, in that moment as well as enjoying the moment you can't help but photograph the whole scene, so I think it's a normal step and that night landscape photography goes hand in hand with daytime photography even if technically they are very different.

What are your aspirations as a photographer?

Obviously the aspiration is to try to improve every time you can in small steps, photography especially night photography is constantly evolving and therefore you must always find the desire to grow, one step at a time, there are great photographers to take inspiration and who have managed to bring this type of photography to truly impressive levels and thinking about the quality of the sky we have above our heads it is becoming really complicated to photograph a beautiful sky but this is what pushes me to improve myself.

For you what is photography? And what are you thinking when you are shooting?

I can only thank photography for what it has given me up to now, it has introduced me to wonderful people and friends with whom I share this splendid passion, every time I publish a photo I always hope that whoever is looking at it will be able to immerse themselves and be able to capture and experience exactly what I was experiencing in that moment, whether it is under our Milky Way or in front of a wonderful sunset, I would exactly like to make those who look at my photo live that experience, this is what I think while I photograph, capture that 'moment and transform it into an emotion for those who watch it.

To see my works and my photos and everything I do you can look here

Second best landscape photograph



Thomas is a photographer specializing in the fine art landscape genre with a particular emphasis on mood, light and atmosphere in his images. Born with a passion for exploring nature, Thomas has spent years perfecting his technique and honing his eye for capturing the inherent beauty of the world around him.

His photographs convey a sense of calm and contemplation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenes he creates. Through the skillful use of natural light and changing weather conditions, Thomas is able to capture fleeting moments and transform them into works of visual art.

His quest for perfection constantly pushes him to explore new places and constantly seek new perspectives. Through his lens, even the most ordinary landscapes become extraordinary, transporting observers to worlds of timeless beauty.

To know more about Thomas you can check his Instagram.

Third best landscape photograph


As we reflect on these stunning works, we are reminded of the profound impact that a single photograph can have in preserving moments, telling stories, and inspiring wanderlust. The dedication and creativity of these photographers not only celebrate the art of place photography but also encourage us to explore, appreciate, and protect the world around us.

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