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Capturing the Soul of the Streets: Celebrating the Best Photographers of our Street Photo Contest

Updated: May 22

In the heart of the bustling city, where every corner tells a unique story, our annual Street Photography Contest has once again brought together the keenest eyes and the most creative souls. The winning photographers have expertly framed moments that tell compelling stories, evoke deep emotions, and offer a glimpse into diverse cultures and experiences. Join us as we delve into the captivating journeys of these exceptional artists, whose work transcends the ordinary to capture the soul of the streets.



Photo by Mark Zilberman
1st Place - Street Photography 2024

My photography journey has bookended my life. My first experience was when I was 6 years old. My mother was taking my brother and I to Washington DC to see the Japanese Cherry Trees in bloom. We walked by a drugstore window where I saw a bright shiny yellow box and said I wanted it. It was a Kodak Instamatic 104 with cartridge film and flash cubes. There I began and continued uninterrupted till my early thirties. During this period, I made my living as a freelance photographer in NYC. At this point I learned mostly on my own. But also, while pursuing a degree at Arizona State University. Additionally, several years’ work as a photographer’s assistant in NYC where I had the opportunity to work for many amazing photographers.


As a freelance in New York City, I photographed for magazines (BusinessWeek, Forbes, Eastern Airlines etc.), and graphic designers (working on annual reports). As time went on my interest went more towards photojournalism. I went on several trips to Gaza, the West Bank (photographing settlements there), Panama (during the reign of Manuel Noriega), Nicaragua (during the time of the Sandinista Contra conflicts). I made a decision to leave photography at that point and return to college to get a Master’s degree in Social Work. I have worked in that field continuously since then. Though, it’s difficult to say how much, my work as a social worker for over 20 years certainly informs my photography.


After about a 20-year hiatus from photographing, I slowly returned to taking pictures. There was a learning curve in becoming proficient in digital photography. I love digital photography. Analog photography is not romantic to me. I enjoy the immediacy and easily accessible control of digital. Along the way I started to look again at my work from the past. It was interesting to see that the pictures that I most liked at this point my life were the images that were most like pictures that are done for photojournalism and street photography. And this is the direction that I’ve been going ever since. Happily, I’ve been doing well in numerous photography competitions. I have been a finalist in international contests in Japan, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, USA, France and Iran. I also shoot weddings. But I don’t do this in the traditional sense. My weddings are in a documentary wedding photographic genre. And I enjoy them thoroughly because I pursue them as a street photographer. The amount of emotion that is going on at a wedding is abundant. And this is what I seek to catch on these assignments as well as on the street. Strong emotion.

You can see more about my work in my Instagram.



Eric Davidove
2nd Place - Street Photography 2024

Eric is a junkie, and his drug is street photography. Since 2014, he has been walking thousands of miles in urban centers, documenting how he sees the world. His many years performing as a street mime have strongly influenced his photographic voice. Eric is trained to anticipate and respond to human behavior to make people laugh. So it’s no surprise that many of Eric’s street photos are quirky, funny, and satirical.

Eric sees many people walking around urban centers without paying too much attention to what’s happening around them. Most people stare at their phones, make phone calls, or listen to music. They’re not present or living in the moment. Eric hopes his photos are a wake-up call.

He hopes people will look at his photos and think, “Maybe I should spend less time on my

phone and more time observing life around me.”

Look at the award winners and finalists of well-known and respected national and international street photography competitions, and you will likely see some of Eric’s photos. Moreover, his photos have been widely published in magazines and books. Some of his 2024 achievements are the All About Photo Awards 2024 (The Mind’s Eye), Dublin Street Photography Festival, Exibart Street Contest Edition 4, La Vie En Bleu: International Photography Exhibition, Moments Collective First International Photography Annual Exhibition, Superchief Gallery: Contagious Culture Vol IV Exhibition, Ikshana Photo Festival: 6th International Photography Contest and Exhibition, and the Vivian Maier and Champsaur Association Photo Exhibition.

What’s next for Eric? He hopes to publish a book (or zine), develop photo projects, participate in more gallery exhibitions, and secure more commercial work where street photography is the desired style. He recently became a member of the Candid City Street Photography Collective, whose members are all based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please look at Eric’s website (, and connect with him on Instagram (@edovephotos) and Facebook (eric.davidove). This is the best way to see his work and stay abreast of his achievements.



photo by Sai Min Htet Oo
3rd Place - Street Photography 2024

My name is Sai Min Htet Oo @Dede. I am a freelance photographer based in New York, born in Yangon, Myanmar. 

When I was interested in photography in 2016 I started with YouTube course YouTube gave me so many confusing answers at that time I had no idea what photography I liked, luckily in 2018 I attended a Macieij Dakowicz workshop in Myanmar.I have decided to take street photography seriously from now on. When I have free time, I like to take photographs. Candid photography is my favorite.

There are a lot of aspirational photographers all over the world, I like to look at their work on social media, and I like to buy books from great masters like Garry Winogrand, Alex Webb, Richard Kavalar and so on. Buying a book will give you a clearer picture that you will not find on an LCD screen. 

As a photographer, I feel that taking pictures is a precious part of our lives that can never be repeated. On the street I don't think too much. If I get the shot I'm happy, if not, I enjoy my walk and go home. Alex Webb says that 99% of street photographs fail. There is a 1% chance you get lucky. 

You can find me here 


As we celebrate their achievements, we also encourage you to embrace your own creative journey. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or a seasoned pro, remember that the streets are filled with stories waiting to be told. Let the works of our contest winners inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes and capture the moments that resonate with you.

Don't forget to check out our other open photo contests for more opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity. Explore them here:

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Thank you for this blog post. I like to learn more about winning street photographers, and understanding their journey and future plans.

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