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“Captured Moments: Embracing the art of photography”

Seeing Through the Lens: A Journey of Creativity and Discovery

Written by: Roger Mujica

Before my first click of the shutter, before the first image ever came into focus, there was a feeling—an intangible pull towards capturing the fleeting moments that compose our world. Every snapshot tells a story, every frame captures an emotion, and every image holds the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I’m happy and thrilled to unveil my long journey through my lens and how I view the world through a different perspective, wonder and embracing the art that surrounds us daily.

This book, “Captured Moments: Embracing the art of photography” begins not with a photograph, but with a journey. A journey that started long before I fully understood the power held within a single frame, a journey that has since unfolded into a lifelong exploration of seeing, feeling, and expressing through the lens of my camera.

It's this profound magic of photography I try to explore and share with both seasoned photographers and enthusiastic novices alike my experiences and what I have learned all these years of exploration with the camera. This isn't just another photography guide; it's a heartfelt invitation to view the world through a lens of creativity, artistic discovery, and emotive storytelling.

It is known that photography, at its core, is a creative journey—a form of visual storytelling that allows us to express ourselves, share our perspectives, and connect with the world in deeply personal ways.

"Captured Moments" is a mentor, a companion, and a source of inspiration for those eager to embark on an adventure of photographic composition and personal narrative with photography. Whether you're a professional looking to deepen your artistic expression or a hobbyist seeking to elevate your photographic practice, I crafted this book to offer a treasure trove of insights, tips, and inspiration.

Roger Mugica

The book unfolds my personal narrative in photography, beginning with an awakening to the enchantment of capturing life's fleeting moments.

It delves into the heart of visual storytelling and creative exploration, guiding readers on how to harness light, shadow, composition, and perspective to craft images that tell compelling stories and evoke emotions.

It goes beyond the technical aspects of photography. It encourages breaking the conventional rules, embracing diverse perspectives, and finding beauty in the unnoticed. It's about seeing the unseen canvas that surrounds us daily, enriching our photographic experience and allowing us to capture the world in ways we've never imagined.

It’ll be available this week of February 2024 in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian on Amazon for Kindle and Print. I’m sure this book to be an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about the art of photography, offering a new perspective on the intimate narrative of capturing moments inspiring you to capture the essence of life, one moment at a time, through the transformative power of photography.

How do I wake up to Photography?

The journey into the world of photography often begins with a single, pivotal moment—an instant when the ordinary reveals its hidden beauty, urging us to capture it forever. This profound awakening to the power of photography is the heart and soul of my book. It's where the journey of creative exploration, personal narrative in photography, where my artistic discovery began.

I’ll show the essence of photography for me, not just as a hobby or profession, but as a unique form of visual storytelling that enables me to communicate my most intimate experiences and observations.

In "Captured Moments," you are invited to revisit the initial allure that draws you and me to photography. 

Roger Mugica

It could be the way light dances on a loved one's face or the stark contrast of shadows in a bustling urban landscape. These were the moments that stir my soul, urging me to pick up a camera and start my own journey of emotive storytelling.

Photography is portrayed as a gateway to personal discovery and creative journey, a means to document our personal narrative in a way that words alone cannot. 

"Captured Moments" will guide you through this process, offering insights into how photography can become a tool for artistic expression and a lens through which we see the world differently. I explore here the narrative power of photographic composition, illustrating how the arrangement of visual elements within the frame can evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture the complexity of human experience.

The awakening to photography is also about recognizing the potential in every moment to convey something meaningful by trying to help my readers to see the unseen, to notice the interplay of light and shadow, texture, and color, and how these elements can be harnessed to create compelling images.

It’s about understanding that great photography doesn't require exotic locations or rare moments; it's about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, transforming mundane subjects into visual poetry.

I’d like to awaken your unique inner observer and reflect on your own moments of awakening to the beauty and potential of photography. An inspiration to embark on a personal and transformative photographic journey, exploring the depths of creative exploration, visual storytelling, and the intimate narrative that photography allows us to share with the world.


The Artistic Journey

Embarking on the artistic journey with my book is akin to stepping into a world where every detail has the potential to become a masterpiece of visual storytelling.

Roger Mugica

On this book I explain the multifaceted landscape of creative exploration, where the principles of photographic composition, artistic discovery, and emotive storytelling converge to form the foundation of a compelling photographic narrative.

Photography, as explored in "Captured Moments," is not merely about capturing what we see; it's about conveying how we feel. The book delves deep into the essence of visual storytelling, emphasizing how photographers can use their cameras as tools for creative expression.

This journey is not just about learning the technical aspects of photography but about discovering one's voice within the medium.

Artistic discovery plays a central role in this journey. I aim to inspire readers to push beyond conventional boundaries and explore the limitless possibilities of photographic expression. From the grandeur of landscapes to the intimacy of portraits, the book showcases how diverse subjects can be captured in ways that reveal their inherent beauty and tell their unique stories. It encourages photographers to see beyond the surface, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to capture the world from their unique perspective.

"Captured Moments" emphasizes that effective composition is key to transforming a good photograph into a great one, capable of capturing the viewer's imagination and evoking a strong emotional response.

It reminds us that every photograph we take is a step on the path of artistic discovery, a chance to explore new perspectives and to refine our vision.

Breaking Boundaries

"Captured Moments: Embracing the Art of Photography" is a manifesto for the modern photographer, urging its readers to break boundaries and redefine the norms of photographic expression. In breaking boundaries this book champions, the idea of creative exploration and visual storytelling as means to go beyond traditional photography rules.

Roger Mugica

It’s here that this book truly becomes a beacon for those on a journey of artistic discovery, to embrace your unique perspectives and push beyond the limits of photographic composition and emotive storytelling.

The narrative within "Captured Moments" emphasizes the importance of seeing the world differently. To challenge the status quo by experimenting with angles, perspectives, and techniques that defy conventional expectations.

The book illustrates how breaking from the traditional rules of composition—such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, or framing—can lead to more expressive and impactful imagery.

It encourages photographic practice that is driven by intuition and emotion, rather than rigid guidelines.

It suggests that by embracing diverse perspectives and cultural experiences, photographers can enrich their work with depth and meaning. I aim to empower readers to pursue their personal narrative in photography with confidence. It underscores the idea that the most profound stories are often found beyond the boundaries of conventional photography, waiting for the bold and the imaginative to bring them to light.

Practical Tips and Exercises

One interesting aspect of my book is enriched with practical tips and exercises designed to hone your skills and refine your artistic vision. This section serves as a hands-on guide for those seeking to deepen their understanding of photographic composition, visual storytelling, and emotive storytelling. Each exercise is crafted to challenge and inspire, encouraging photographers to experiment with light, perspective, and composition in ways they may not have considered before.

I emphasize the importance of daily practice, to carry your camera with you and capture the beauty in the mundane. Through exercises such as "Challenge Conventional Composition," where photographers are tasked with finding beauty in ordinary objects, or "Explore Your Emotional Connection to Color," which stimulates to observe and use colors in the composition, readers will learn to see the world through a more creative and explorative lens.

Roger Mugica

With these tips and exercises, readers are equipped to embark on their own paths of discovery, pushing the boundaries of their craft and capturing the world in its myriad forms.

Your Journey Awaits

As the final pages of "Captured Moments: Embracing the Art of Photography" the narrative culminates in a compelling invitation: Your Journey Awaits.

Photography is an ever-evolving journey of creative exploration, not just a destination or a set of technical skills to master.

"Captured Moments" emphasizes that the true essence of photography lies in the personal narrative each photographer chooses to tell through their lens. It champions the notion that every individual has a unique perspective to share, shaped by their experiences, insights, and artistic intuition. The book encourages readers to embrace their creative journey with an open heart and a curious mind, to seek out new perspectives, and to capture the emotive storytelling moments that resonate most deeply with them.

The concluding section of this book serves as a gentle reminder that the art of photography is a boundless adventure, full of opportunities for personal and artistic growth. 

"Captured Moments: Embracing the Art of Photography" is a companion that offers encouragement and inspiration every step of the way. Readers are left with a sense of empowerment, ready to explore the world through their cameras with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, eagerly anticipating the stories they will tell and the moments they will capture.

Your adventure in photography, rich with potential for creative exploration and visual storytelling, awaits.!


© Roger Mujica Photography

Roger Mugica


Roger Mujica is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose work has garnered global recognition and numerous awards. His journey began in childhood, with a simple point-and-shoot camera, capturing the beauty of nature. This early passion for design, visual arts, and photography has defined his career and identity, showcasing photography as more than an art form—it's a universal language capable of storytelling and influencing across cultures.

Despite academic pursuits in Architecture and Interior Design, Mujica's last decade has been a vibrant exploration of photography. He has mastered various genres, from architecture to fine art photography, under the guidance of seasoned professionals and through specialized training. Nature remains his constant muse, recently drawing him towards Fine Art photography for deeper artistic expression.

Mujica believes in photography's power to unveil new communication avenues, enriching lives beyond mere images. His work invites viewers on a unique visual journey, reflecting his creativity and distinctive perspective. This journey, from capturing unnoticed beauty to achieving international acclaim, highlights Mujica's unwavering passion and the transformative power of photography as both art and communication.



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